Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Discovery Channel Hosts Sarah Palin!!

That's right, the Discovery Channel is going to do a series on Alaska hosted by Sarah Palin! What in hell are they thinking of? It's an outrage to have someone who promotes aerial slaughter of wolves, hunting brown bears, fought against protection of polar bears. Send a message to Discovery by signing this petition: http://bit.ly/asQOUr


  1. That is absolutely bonkers! What on earth are they expecting??
    "And here we see the grizzly bear in its natural habitat... just hold the camera while I grab my rifle... oh, and there's an elk! They are such fascinating creatures, and they taste great with mayo..."

  2. Kia ora,
    As an American living in New Zealand the rise of Sarah Palin, and having her taken seriously, is one of the most disturbing aspects of being outside looking in. On another note, really enjoy discovering your place here and the wealth of material. Thanks.