Monday, June 28, 2010

Survey Ribbons for Proposed Serengeti Highway

The graffiti of the destroyers! Photos courtesy of Nikki Waterhouse. Shots made between Klein's Gate and Maasai village of Ololosokwe in western Loliondo.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Important Documents Related to the Serengeti Highway Threat

Serengeti General Management Plan

This is an in-depth study with important information on various impacts on the Serengeti ecosystem.


Loliondo-Serengeti Road Report

This last is a complete whitewash of the situation, written by engineers with no input from researchers or conservation groups. It's only 10 pages long, with no meaningful content except to rubber-stamp approval for the project.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Impact of the Proposed Serengeti Highway

This photo was made 6 days ago (May 31, 2010) in very nearly the exact place where the proposed Serengeti highway would bisect this part of Serengeti and Loliondo. We must stop this madness. The greatest wildlife migration on earth will be severely impacted by this road.
Not far from this spot there are survey ribbons hanging on trees - the graffiti of the engineers!
Let them know that this is a totally stupid idea and could destroy the great wildebeest and zebra migration.

The Serengeti Highway - A MAJOR Disaster!

Is this how you want to view wildlife in Serengeti??
The proposed northern highway across Serengeti (see blog post below) will result in a major increase in poaching in the region that is now difficult to access. Tanzania National Parks is re-introducing black rhinos in this region with plans for up to 32 rhinos in the next few years.
This is how they will end up!
Serengeti is a World Heritage Site.
If this highway goes through, it may be re-classified as an Endangered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Don't let this happen. Email Tanzania National Parks:
Also email the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington:
Get involved to save the greatest animal migration on earth!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Major Threat to the Greatest Animal Migration on Earth

I just returned from leading one of my photo tours in Serengeti and discovered a major tragedy in the making. This is the biggest threat to the Serengeti ecosystem in decades. A major highway (in red on the map) is planned to cut across the migration path of millions of animals. (The migration paths are the colored arrows) This high speed highway could have hundreds of trucks each day. Imagine the wildlife carnage from these speeding trucks. The road would also be the perfect pathway for a huge increase in poaching in the Serengeti.
Big money interests appear to be behind this.
There is a safer alternative route (in light green on the map) that bypasses Serengeti altogether.
If you care about this incredible ecosystem, email the Tanzanian Embassy right away and let them know that this would be one of the greatest wildlife disasters in history.
Here's another address, Tanzania National Parks:
They probably won't do anything, but may pass it on to higher ups and it may make them realize this is a major international crisis that could have great impact on tourism!
Suggest to them that the effect on tourism alone would be enormous if the great migration were to be altered or destroyed!
We are setting up a special Facebook page dealing with this - check here for details.
Help Save the Serengeti. Click Here
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