Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Serengeti Highway - A MAJOR Disaster!

Is this how you want to view wildlife in Serengeti??
The proposed northern highway across Serengeti (see blog post below) will result in a major increase in poaching in the region that is now difficult to access. Tanzania National Parks is re-introducing black rhinos in this region with plans for up to 32 rhinos in the next few years.
This is how they will end up!
Serengeti is a World Heritage Site.
If this highway goes through, it may be re-classified as an Endangered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Don't let this happen. Email Tanzania National Parks:
Also email the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington:
Get involved to save the greatest animal migration on earth!
Click on image to enlarge, if you can stand it.


  1. I've set up a Facebook page - STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY - anyone can join, and numbers are already rising fast. Guy Combes

  2. Guy - thanks! Let's keep this momentum going. Good job.

  3. The is horible for the Migration and the Serengeti. I was only in February in the Serengeti four weeks ... to follow the wildebeest births ... I am sharing on Facebook and Twitter ... As the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the TANAPA is to ???
    Would you like a guest article on my website and blog review ????

  4. Gabriela Garc├Ča MayagoitiaJune 7, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    What's going on with the world? Can't we leave animals be? Guy, I will check your Facebook page right now.

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