Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Is Frontier the Worst Airline in America? Yes!

Is Frontier the worst airline in America?
Hmm, if not the worst it’s pretty close to the top.
Let’s see, I’d like to make a reservation on Frontier from Denver to Washington, DC. Okay, easy enough. The fare seems reasonable – not great, but okay.
Fine. Made the reservation.
Oh, wait a minute I need a seat. You mean I have to pay extra for a seat?
Let’s see. OMG, standard seats are $6, luxury seats (meaning they have padding) are $20 and up (in this case about $35).
If I don’t pay for a seat, do I have to stand and hold onto an overhead strap like in a subway?
Ah, well I paid for a seat. Standard.
What else? Oh, carry-on bag. What? I have to pay to have a bag with my laptop, camera, business papers and meds? $35. Sheesh, this is getting ridiculous.
Checked bags. Another $30 for one, additional $40 for the second.
What next, a fee to use the lavatory? No, but I imagine it’s coming.
Finally I’ve paid all the ransom money. When I total it all up I haven't really saved anything on the airfare.

My departure day has arrived. I’m on board and in my seat. But wait, where’s the tray table? Oh, they don’t tell you that in the standard seats the tray table is barely big enough to hold a smartphone. So my laptop really will be a laptop.
And the seat doesn’t recline. Moreover it’s like sitting in a straight back wooden chair with seatbelt (which I'm surprised they don't charge for). 

The 4 hour fight did arrive on time, small consolation for the discomfort.
I remember the good old days when I traveled a lot in the old Soviet Union on Aeroflot, considered then as the world’s worst airline.
Ah, but most U.S. airlines have adopted the old Aeroflot as their business model.
Except that the last time I flew on the new Aeroflot it was luxurious in economy class.
Oh, one last thing: Frontier has a frequent flier plan.
Would anyone in their right mind use it?

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  1. I remember flying on Aeroflot! Their barf-bags doubled as flotation devices and reading material. And I remember the aisle carpet bunching up as the attendant serviced some brown liquid from a pitcher--using the same cup. [I figured it was like communion and didn't argue]
    The Polish man boarding in front of me knocked on wood and crossed himself--I just thought if my numbers up...